Lighting fun

A number of months ago, I was given a splendid gift by my girlfriend’s parents: a foldout lightbox. I’m rather ashamed to admit that today was the first time I’ve used it, since it really is a wonderful device.

When I was browsing through the themes for Photo 52, I knew almost immediately what I wanted to do for week four, with the title: “Open”. I wanted to photograph a jar of something, with the foil seal freshly torn off, and I wanted it in this lightbox, like a product advert. I kept a closed jar of peanut butter for the day when I would magically find the time. Today was that day, so imagine my surprise when I discovered that this jar didn’t have a foil seal. I wasn’t going to let that spoil my productive mood however, and here is the result.

There was more Photoshop than usual to remove the creases in the background (who needs ironing?) though I’m still not 100% happy. It’s quite hard to spot them while shooting; they show up much more on a monitor.